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Ben Marks zu Gast auf dem 29. Magento Stammtisch Hamburg bei TUDOCK

“The brand always was Magento”

Auf dem 29. Magento Stammtisch Hamburg am 17.05.2016 hatten wir Ben Marks von Magento zu Gast. Mehr als eine Stunde plauderte Ben über Pluspunkte und Schwierigkeiten bei Magento 2, Magentos Absplittung von Ebay, die Lage am Markt und die Aussichten für Magento 1. Die spannendsten Bemerkungen von "Rambling Ben" haben wir euch hier zusammengestellt:

Die Ziele für Magento 2

“What we were going for was: Take what we have that works, update it as much as we can, change the big things that needed changing and then add in all of this, all the good stuff that developers do in PHP – testing and of course the full dependency injection. Now, doing this requires massive, massive, massive architecture around it.”

“Right now, it’s targeted to bigger enterprise businesses, but you will see […] that it gets down the market pretty fast actually. We are building the tooling for developers. We have to make developers be able to use the product.”

“We want people on Magento 2 as soon as possible.”

“What we are trying to get right, right now, is: Get that platform where it should be.”

Pluspunkte von Magento 2

“So Magento 2 really is more than Magento 1 was – a framework. And then we use that framework to build an ecommerce app.”

“It’s more robust, it’s more professional.”

“Creating new product types in Magento 2 I think is much more clear. You don’t have this muddy waters like in Magento 1.”

“Extensions in Magento 2 with Magento Marketplace are robust, should not call any issues.”

Von Ben erwähnte neue Features in Magento 2.1 (veröffentlicht am 23.06.2016): Enhanced CMS, RabbitMQ, job cueing implementation, staging; in Magento 2 EE: B2B margin.

Probleme mit Magento 2, die es zu lösen gilt

“So we have really, really smart developers which have been working with Magento 1 for a very long time. When they’re trying to install Magento 2, it’s kind of a pain.”

“Frontend is our biggest challenge to solve right now, biggest most immediate challenge.”

“In general people are positive on Magento 2, but there are a lot of rough edges for us to work out.”

Keine Zukunft für Magento 1

“We’re not doing any more features for Magento 1. It is an end of life product.” (Magento wird Sicherheitslücken in Magento 1 bis November 2018 patchen, die Meet Magento Association hat darüber hinaus Support für Magento 1 angekündigt.)

Magento ohne Ebay auf einem umkämpften Markt

“We are in a really interesting time. Fundamentally I can say that this company, especially the new Magento, it’s really nice that we are out from under Ebay. Ebay helped pay for Magento 2 to be built. So we owe them.”

“Our strategy is entirely concerned with ourselves and a very limited sphere of partners. And of course our community. And the community is really where we have to get it right.”

“If we don’t make Magento 2 the best thing to use for commerce, the times have changed, the time from Magento 1 to Magento 2 – there really wasn’t anything like real competitors here. This market was just sitting there, waiting for something like Magento to come along for six or seven years. […] Now there’s a lot of really good competitors out there. I hear great stories about Shopware, from the developer’s seat. Plenty people are able to do a lot of stuff with PrestaShop. […] For simpler needs even WooCommerce does a pretty good job. And of course we have our competitors in the SaaS space, so we’ve got of course Shopify and BigCommerce.”

“If you have a Magento 1 shop and you are considering Magento 2, you should probably take a look at what’s around. Hopefully Magento 2 is compelling.”

“We’re really looking as a company at the platform and really wanting to make that it is this sort of useful tool that it needs to be. You will all see and hear about that in the near future.”

“We’ve demonstrated a lot of success, but I think people expect a lot from us and we owe it to ourselves and to you to live up to it.”

Eine starke Community

“The whole Magento community, I think, has benefitted from the early involvement, the early enticement of the German community, the spirit of giving back and collaborating and sharing information.”

“We’re on top – two reasons, one: We got a great name, Magento, but we’re also on top because we’ve got a community that cares about their clients, customers, cares enough to give us feedback as long as we’re smart enough to listen.”


Den gesamten Vortrag von Ben findet ihr bald in unserer Mediengalerie. Nächstes Treffen des Magento Stammtischs Hamburg ist der 13.07.2016. Robert Schadewitz wird seinen Magento 2 Shop robertlines.de vorstellen, außerdem geht es um Strategien für Magento-Updates (Schwerpunkt: Magento 1.x). Für den MSTHH 30 anmelden könnt ihr euch über Xing oder Meetup, der Eintritt ist frei.


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